What is the meaning behind the name of Rose Cat Coffee Company?

The name Rose Cat comes from a very special girl who was full of spunk, silliness, and heart. Her short life left an incredible impact on her community as she embodied the ability to love Jesus, love others, and find joy and humor even in the most challenging of circumstances. When her movement and voice were slowly stripped away by a degenerative muscular condition Rose Cat (complete with cape and cat ears) became her alter ego. One where the limits were endless, where possibilities soared, and dreams of unbridled potential were realized.

It is my hope that Rose Cat Coffee Company and Reading Society will continue with her heroic legacy.

How can I apply for a job

Visit our Contact Page to learn more.

Where does your coffee come from?

Visit our Partners Page to learn more.

Can I book Rose Cat Coffee to cater an event?

We are hoping to add this as an available service in the near future. We love our community and are hopeful to get out and meet as many of you as possible.

Are there ways I can volunteer at Rose Cat?

Rose Cat is a for-profit LLC, and all of our employees are paid positions.

The best way you can support our mission is to visit the shop, order a drink, chat with our baristas, and join the movement to champion an inclusive community.


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